Women’s Collaborative Mentoring Program


Women’s Collaborative Mentoring Program

Women’s Collaborative Colloquium 

The Women’s Collaborative Mentoring Program’s (WCMP) sole purpose is to elevate women business owners in our community. Our four-part curriculum includes Business Essentials, Marketing Strategy, Confidence Builder and Personal Development customized for each clients’ needs. To support our efforts, this October 7th, we will host a Mentoring / Leadership Colloquium at California State University Northridge (CSUN).

This event theme is “Mentoring and Leadership Guiding the Way” and will bring together leaders in banking, business, and mentoring with existing, new, and aspiring women business owners.  

The day will start by honoring a top Women leader, then move to the panel discussion in politics, media, and business. Followed by speed mentoring / matchmaking and we close the day with an access to capital session. Attendees will receive a wealth of valuable knowledge on how to move their business forward.

 To register for tickets or sponsorship: https://www.thevalley.net/event/womens-collaborative-mentoringleadership-colloqium

The Women’s Collaborative Mentoring Program (WCMP) is a premier result driven training program focused on Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSB) that make less than $150k in revenue annually.


Our mission: To position underserved women entrepreneurs to thrive by providing customized mentoring to achieve sustainable business growth


Our overarching goal: To help business women reach $150k or more in annual revenue and prepare them to be more bankable.


The WCMP has teamed up with exceptional sponsors who offer scholarships for our training program. We partner with over ten local agencies that provide specialized industry specific training and support. We connect businesses with mentors and organizations that have the capacity, commitment, and capability of supporting women in our successful WCMP.



Core Curriculum Key Components:


  • 01. Business Essentials

    The building blocks to create a detailed business plan that includes the business canvas, lean strategy, and pitch deck.

  • 02. Marketing Development 

    The Marketing Development module takes your unique selling points, to customize your marketing model to fit your client’s lifestyle.


  • 03. Confidence Builders

    You conquer your fear and embrace confidence. This module helps you learn the power of mindset and positive thinking into results.


  • 04. Personal Development

    You embrace the high value of your time so you can manifest your own style and personal worth through your confidence.


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