City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles SealLos Angeles has a population of nearing four million people, an area of 465 square miles, 7,366 miles of streets, water and power brought from mountains hundreds of miles away, and thousands of publicly-owned structures of various types. The friendly lanterns that once hung at the door have been replaced with electrolier lights and utilitarian lights. Adobe houses have been replaced with modern buildings and residences, volunteer police and fire departments have been succeeded by highly trained, properly equipped, and well organized municipal forces, and mud flats have been dredged to become one of the world’s busiest harbors at Wilmington and San Pedro.

City Leadership

Eric GarcettiMayor
Paul KrekorianCouncilmember District 2
David RyuCouncilmember District 4
Paul KoretzCouncilmember District 5
Nury Martinez
Nury MartinezCouncilmember District 6
Herb WessonCouncilmember District 7
Mitch EnglanderCouncilmember District 12

Contact Information

200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012