Valley Cities and Incentives

III Valley Cities and Incentives

City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is an ideal place to grow a business, with access to large regional, national, and international markets. L.A.’s world-class infrastructure, extensive human capital, and highly-diversified economy and resource network ensure that whatever businesses need to thrive, can be found here. In addition, the City offers the following incentives:

  • Business Tax Holiday (Ends Dec. 2015)
    • New businesses are exempt from paying a gross receipts tax for their first three years of operation when they register their business within 3 months.
  • Job training & development assistance.
  • Film Incentives:  in support of the Mayor’s Executive Directive 6 (Support for Film Industry)
  • Green Incentives: supporting the Mayor’s pLAn for a greener and sustainable Los Angeles.

Small Business Assistance

  • BusinessSource: provides assistance for the growth and competitive success of a startup in Los Angeles.
  • WorkSource: the City’s human resource agency for entrepreneurs wanting to add employees to their business.

The City’s various departments offer business focused services:

All this information will be available on the new website that is under development: Los Angeles also has 31 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to foster economic development. Los Angeles is considering Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs), Business Tax Reductions, and Direct Project Land Subsidies in the near future.

City of Glendale

The City of Glendale has been named as LA County’s “#1 Safest Mid-Sized City” and has also been recognized as the “Most Business Friendly City” in the County. Glendale is committed to maintaining a high quality of life for its residents and business community. For this reason, the City created the Glendale Economic Development Corporation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation developed to promote, assist, retain and attract quality business in Glendale. Glendale’s programs assist businesses both large and small through:

  • Lower Cost of Doing Business (No gross receipts tax!)
  • Business Concierge Services
  • Streamlined Permit Service Center
  • Local and Regional Collaboration

Glendale’s downtown is becoming an “18-hour city,” vibrant with workers, shoppers, and entertainment seekers. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Want Your Business in Glendale:

  1. Lower Cost of Doing Business
  2. Highest Safety Ranking
  3. Convenient Access
  4. Alive with Investment
  5. World Class Amenities
    • Great Dining
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Outstanding Infrastructure
  6. Strong Tax Revenue
  7. Great Demographics
  8. Destination Business Districts
  9. Entertainment Industry Cluster
  10. Major Companies Headquartered in Glendale

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City of Calabasas

The City of Calabasas understands that a great business environment is the catalyst for a great city. We levy no city taxes on commercial, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing properties. We have no gross receipts tax. We invest heavily in community infrastructure and pride ourselves on world-class municipal landscaping, clean and well maintained roads and sidewalks, convenient transportation systems, and a commitment to public safety that makes us one of the safest cities in California. Additionally, Calabasas has an exceptionally strong school district with several Blue Ribbon Schools. We boast high-quality housing and neighborhoods, both of which are attractive to employees and top level executives. In short, we provide a place where business and its employees can feel proud to call home. Businesses within the City of Calabasas also benefit from:

  • Direct access to top City leadership on matter of concern to individual businesses
  • No Parking Tax, No Business Tax, and No Business Registration Fees
  • No Utility User Tax Rate for Cable and Water
  • A well-staffed, business friendly development and permitting process

City of Burbank

Home to Warner Bros. Studios, The Walt Disney Company, and more than 1,000 creative companies that make magic happen, Burbank is truly the Media Capital of the World. In addition its population of 106,000 residents, Burbank has a balanced daily workforce of 100,000 specializing in media, hi-tech, hospitality and transportation. Burbank’s reputation as a business-friendly destination is supported by:

  • A proactive city government with a dedicated Economic Development Team focused on concentrating Burbank’s strengths into supporting existing industries, and encouraging creative partnerships.
  • A unique mix of no city income tax, no gross sales receipt tax, and one-stop streamlined permitting process.
  • The ONE Burbank High-Speed Fiber Optic Network offering Burbank businesses ultra-high-speed bandwidth services with industry leading customer service and value.
  • Special business incentives including Solar Power Rebates, the LEED Incentive Program, and Energy Solutions Rebates.
  • A highly educated pool of entrepreneurial, creative and hi-tech talent employed by more than 1,000 post-production houses, technology companies, and startups.
  • The ideal environment for media, entertainment, and creative companies with a high concentration of Class A office space, LEED Certified buildings, and striking architecture.
  • Leadership in public/private partnerships that leverage community assets into shared goals via the Downtown Burbank Partnership, the Burbank Hospitality Association, and the City’s Economic Development Team.
  • Burbank Bob Hope Airport, with 67 flights per day and 3.8 million visitors per year connecting with top Western cities, Silicon Valley, and New York.

Burbank was also named one of the five finalists in the inaugural year of the LAEDC’s Most Business Friendly City in L.A. County competition in 2006; they were a finalist again in 2007; and in 2011 in the population over 60,000 category.

City of San Fernando

The City of San Fernando continues to represent the best of both worlds—an innovative, independent community in the midst of one of the world’s most important metropolitan areas. Its leadership and a mature economic track record complement its young and productive work force. Some of the best reasons to have your business in San Fernando include:

  • Direct access to City Management Team as part of City’s Business Retention and Attraction Efforts
  • Increased accessibility to City decision makers
  • “One-Stop Location” for streamlined review and approval of City business licenses, building permits and project entitlements;
  • Access to City inventory of vacant commercial and industrial properties
  • Low emergency response times for public safety
  • Increased opportunities to develop in a resurging downtown area
  • Prime location – easy access to the 5, 210, and 118 freeways, and a Metrolink station in close proximity to the City’s downtown Mall area
  • Low cost of doing business, including:
    1. Lower development fees
    2. Lower sewer and water rates
    3. Lower Business Taxes and fees