Local Utility Information, Programs, and Incentives

VII Valley Utilities Information, Programs, and Incentives

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the largest municipal water and power utility in the nation, was established more than 100 years ago to deliver reliable, safe water and electricity to 3.8 million residents and businesses in Los Angeles. LADWP provides its 666,000 water customers and 1.4 million electric customers with quality service at competitive prices. If you are business in the City of Los Angeles or are planning to have your business here, LADWP has quite a few incentives and programs available – many of them listed below. But for more information on even more of their services, please visit their website.

LADWP – The Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP)

The Commercial Lighting Incentive Program offers incentives to help make a wide variety of high-performance ramps and lighting fixtures cost-effective, and targets any size business that still utilizes standard fixtures. CLIP is designed to be consistent with California’s statewide lighting programs, leveraging established contractor networks to offer non-residential customers a full suite of lighting products and services to improve the energy efficiency in their businesses by upgrading/retrofitting core lighting systems. CLIP’s calculated savings approach allows customers to tailor lighting efficiency upgrades to better meet their lighting needs and attain greater energy savings.

LADWP – Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program (EETAP)

Designed for commercial, industrial and institutional customers, this program was developed to assist LADWP customers in closing the gap between project development and implementation. By providing incentives for energy auditing and project management services, LADWP aims to help its customers to strategically plan, follow through, and realize energy savings in the most cost-effective manner.

LADWP – Custom Performance Program (CPP)

The Custom Performance Program offers incentives for energy saving measures not covered by other LADWP non-residential energy efficiency programs. These involve more advanced, high efficiency technologies and innovative energy saving strategies that meet or exceed code, or minimum industry standards. Examples include equipment controls, industrial processes, high efficiency HVAC and chillers, hotel guest room controls, variable frequency drives, and other high efficiency technologies.

LADWP – Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) are working together to offer incentives for bringing commercial buildings back to their optimal performance levels using 13 common controls and schedule-based measures. If you are a customer of LADWP and own a business, or represent a non-residential customer, the RCx program can help you reduce your electricity bills and the cost of building operations.

LADWP – Savings By Design (SBD)

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) are working together to offer incentives designed to benefit owners and developers of new commercial buildings. This is a statewide approach, which offers a multi-faceted program designed to consistently serve the needs of the building community throughout California. SBD encourages energy- efficient building design and construction practices, promoting the efficient use of energy by offering up- front design assistance supported by financial incentives based on project performance. Projects participating in SBD receive services including design assistance, Owners Incentives, Design Team Incentives, and Energy Design Resources.

LADWP – New Construction Incentive Program

LADWP’s non-residential new construction incentive program is being revised in light of the recent changes to California’s energy code, Title 24. This program will only offer incentives for projects which do not meet the Savings By Design (SBD) requirements. This program is similar to SBD offerings; however, LADWP will provide incentives for projects exceeding Title 24 requirements by 10% or greater and are past the design phase. We anticipate having the revised program in place in the coming months.

LADWP – Food Service Program

The Food Service program offers incentives to encourage retrofit measures and technologies to reduce energy consumption in supermarkets, liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Rebates are offered for commercial food appliances and refrigerator cases, ice machines, reach-in freezers/refrigerators, display cases, walk-in coolers, etc., as well as other refrigeration equipment.

LADWP – Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program

Open to A-1 rate class business electric customers in good standing, whose average monthly electrical demand is 30 kilowatts (kW) or less. A trained Energy Service Representative (ESR) will visit your business to identify areas where you can save energy and water. If you agree with the recommendations, our representative will have you sign an authorization form, and an appointment to install the equipment will be scheduled at a time most convenient for you. Energy and water saving measures include: energy efficient lighting and lamps, LED exit signs, pipe and water heater insulation, pre-rinse spray valves, low- flow showerheads, faucet aerators and low-flow toilets. This program is offered in partnership with Southern California Gas Company.

LADWP – Solar Incentive Program (SIP)

This program provides incentives to both residential and non-residential customers who lease or purchase solar systems for installation on their property. The current incentive level for the residential program is $0.40/watt and $.70/watt for the non-residential program. In addition, the programs allows for a higher incentive for non-profit agencies as well as educational institutions. The resulting incentive is calculated based upon the estimated annual production of the installed system.

LADWP – Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Program

The FiT Program will allow the LADWP to partner with program participants to purchase, under a standard power purchase contract, energy generated from a participant’s renewable energy generating system. These systems will be located within the LADWP’s service territory and interconnected to the LADWP electrical distribution system.

LADWP – Commercial Water Conservation Rebate Program (SaveWater SaveABuck)

The Commercial Water Conservation Rebate Program offers rebates for menu-based measures purchased and installed by commercial/industrial/institutional customers. Rebates are offered for items such as Ultra Low Water Urinals, High Efficiency Toilets, Weather Based Irrigation Controllers, Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers, etc.

LADWP – Commercial Free Showerhead & Aerator Program

The Water Conservation Group provides commercial, industrial and multifamily owners free low-flow Showerheads, Kitchen, and Bathroom faucet aerators which are distributed through the Water Conservation Group’s office. For delivery of free equipment please call (800) 544-4498.

LADWP – Water Conservation Technical Assistance Program

The Technical Assistance Program offers incentives to assist business customers in implementing water conservation projects. TAP incentives are available to commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily customers installing pre-approved water conservation measures including equipment, devices, products, fixtures, and technologies of a permanent nature. The financial incentive is calculated at the rate of $1.75 per 1,000 gallons of water saved over a period of two years (minimum of 50,000 gallon savings required); the incentive is limited to the installed cost of the project or $250,000 per customer facility, whichever is less. Proposed projects are first evaluated to ascertain feasibility, cost and savings. Incentives are paid after project installation and verified operation.

LADWP – Commercial/Industrial Drought Resistant Landscape Incentive Program

Offers up to $1.00 sqft turf removed and replaced with drought resistant landscape, permeable paths, mulch, and low volume irrigation (drip water system). This program may require a pre and/or post inspection.

Southern California Edison (SCE)

SCE is an investor-owned utility, offering a number of programs to help qualifying businesses reduce energy usage and lower electricity costs, including:

  • SCE’s energy efficiency programs offer financial incentives for the installation of new high- efficiency equipment or systems.
  • Demand response programs provide financial incentives for voluntary energy reduction.
  • SCE customers can receive financial incentives for going solar through the California Solar Initiative.
  • “Savings by Design” offers financial incentives for constructing or retrofitting high performance, energy efficient buildings.
  • SCE offers economic development rates to qualifying, at-risk businesses considering leaving the state of California. https://www.sce.com/wps/portal/home/business/consulting-services/economic-development/

If you’re in the City of Calabasas, City of San Fernando, or in a Los Angeles unincorporated area, find more information on the SCE website.

Southern California Gas Company (SocCalGas)

SoCalGas offers efficiency programs for business including:

Glendale Department of Water and Power (GWP)

The City of Glendale utilizes their own water and power source, and provides many some great incentives for its businesses and residents.

Burbank Department of Water and Power (BWP)

The City of Burbank also utilizes their own water and power source, and provides many great incentives for its businesses and residents.

CB&I – Free Energy Audits

If you’re already a business in the Valley and want to make sure you’re getting all the incentives and rebates available for all your utilities, CB&I will come to your business for free and provide you with an energy audit. There’s no catch – CB&I is getting paid by other major utility companies to give the audits. Here are just a few examples of what they can do for you:

  • Lighting – they will make sure you have the most up-to-date energy-efficient lighting in your facility, and if not they will change them out for you for free.
  • Appliances Replacements – do you use sprayer nozzles? Door gaskets? Strip curtains for walk-ins? Some of these actually can be replaced for free or there is a rebate for them!
  • Energy Efficiency – if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to an energy-efficient appliance, there are very big rebates available for these.
  • Gas and Water – they also make sure that you are up-to-date on all programs and incentives available for both.
  • Total Efficiency Plans – if you’ve ever thought about making your whole building more energy efficient, CB&I will come and develop a plan to fit your whole building with the best equipment available. This includes water heaters, A/C units, pipelines, gas lines, and many other major costly items that will end up saving you lots of money.