Advanced Manufacturing Executive Dialogue

Jan Perry, City of Los Angeles Economic & Workforce Development Department addressed Advanced Manufacturers on pressing issues keeping them up at night.

The first ever Advanced Manufacturing Executive Dialogue, Hosted by The Valley Economic Alliance and Regional Higher Learning Consortium, took place on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at Esterline Control & Communications Systems in the City of Sylmar. The largest manufacturing companies in the Greater San Fernando Valley were given the opportunity to have a constructive roundtable conversation about “What is keeping them up at night?”

Jan Perry, General Manager, City of Los Angeles Economic & Workforce Development Department shared the important role businesses have to help grow jobs in the City of Los Angeles and listened as advanced manufacturing companies shared what they need from the city to be more competitive.

Moderated by Jane Skeeter, President and CEO, UltraGlas, companies were questioned on re-attracting businesses that had moved their manufacturing offshore back to the region, reducing DWP expense for advanced manufacturers and lobby for local businesses in Sacramento.

Eric Stern, COO Esterline Control & Communications Systems shared an employee parking issue which would result in moving the division and its 422 employees to Ventura County if issue was not mitigated. “The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation and The Valley Economic Alliance helped secure the adjacent LADWP parcel and encouraged us to not move,” said Stern.

Kenn Phillips, Vice President, The Valley Economic Alliance shared and discussed the Advanced Manufacturing Executive Survey Results that explored critical questions about talent, innovation, strategy, risk and revealed that businesses that moved some of their manufacturing are now bringing back to the United States, however only 1% of the manufacturers are returning to California. Businesses also shared that the cost of doing business is too expensive and continues to outpace many other states.

“I believe (the Advanced Manufacturing Dialogue) went a long way towards uncovering many of the issues that manufacturing companies face in the area and allowing the people in City Government to address them. It makes our jobs much easier when we hear from the businesses we represent, “said Glyn Milburn, Business Team Representative, Office of Economic Development, City of Los Angeles.

Manufacturing companies that were present represent more than 25,000 employees. Attendees included Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Esterline Control & Communications Systems, Crane Aerospace & Electronics, JMR Electronics, Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc., Hydralics International, Quallion, Anthony International, UltraGlas Inc., and Steel Tech Inc.