VITA Resource Guide

VITA is pleased to present our new online Resource Guide. This valuable tool provides interested parties with access to the VITA Board of Directors who are experts in their field. This purpose of the Guide is to provide local business owners, entrepreneurs, and those in the field of international trade with access to specialists in the global market industry.

The mission of VITA is to promote the San Fernando Valley as a leader in international trade and to help local businesses compete in the global economy. This Guide represents a commitment made by the Board of Directors to meet the need for information, assistance, and support to helping businesses grow globally. Utilization of the Resource Guide is open to the general business community. Members of VITA will have the added membership benefit of consulting with specialists on a limited general basis at no cost. VITA is not responsible for the accuracy of the general information requested, and any further contractual relationship that might take place with the VITA Board Members is strictly private and non-related to VITA.