VITA Resource Guide

VITA is pleased to present our new online Resource Guide. This valuable tool provides interested parties with access to the VITA Board of Directors who are experts in their field. This purpose of the Guide is to provide local business owners, entrepreneurs, and those in the field of international trade with access to specialists in the global market industry.

The mission of VITA is to promote the San Fernando Valley as a leader in international trade and to help local businesses compete in the global economy. This Guide represents a commitment made by the Board of Directors to meet the need for information, assistance, and support to helping businesses grow globally. Utilization of the Resource Guide is open to the general business community. Members of VITA will have the added membership benefit of consulting with specialists on a limited general basis at no cost. VITA is not responsible for the accuracy of the general information requested, and any further contractual relationship that might take place with the VITA Board Members is strictly private and non-related to VITA.

  • Director /Title

  • Areas of Expertise


  • Dr. Charles Bearchell Ph.D
    Professor Emeritus
    California State University, Northridge

  • Global Business Skills:

    • International Marketing Consultant


  • Victor R. Florian
    Rocca International USA, Inc.

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Corporate & Business Tax Law
    • Real Estate & Investment Consulting
    • Business Manager & Administrator
    • Writing and Speaking Fluent Spanish Language
    • Have working knowledge in the Portuguese Language

    International Marketing:

    • Presently working on the development of How to do business with Peru & China
    • Working on a Plan to market USA Products in the Latin America Region


  • Peter Eyermann
    International Sales Manager

  • Areas of Expertise:

    • Strategy planning and organization negotiation
    • Process analysis
    • Communication skills
    • Training and development


  • Elyse Hookaylo-Rosenblatt
    Vice President
    Global Trade Services
    US Bank

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Broad variety of trade transactions and financing structures
    • Advising and consulting clients on Trade Finance issues
    • Trade Finance speaker and instructor within the community and the bank
    • Fluent in Spanish and French


  • Tony Livoti
    Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Expertise in online solutions to facilitate global trade in all industries and country sectors
    • Event organizer with over 200 luncheons, conferences and web presentations in locations throughout the world

    International Marketing:

    • Worldwide network of trade promotion and economic development organizations in both the public and private sectors


  • Greg Mariscal
    Director of International Studies
    Hirsh Pipe & Supply

  • Global Business Skills

    • Prospecting for sales in foreign markets
    • Establishing distribution channels overseas
    • Developing partnerships with foreign customers
    • Negotiation strategies for U.S. exporters


  • Ayse Oge
    Ultimate Trade

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Managing Cultural Differences
    • Fundamentals of Exporting
    • Global Marketing
    • Global Branding Strategy


  • Robert Rodine
    Principal Consultant
    The Polaris Group

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Transactional analysis
    • Goods Movement


  • Andrew Sweibel
    International Bobrick Washroom
    Equipment Inc.

  • Global Business Skills

    • Market Penetration Strategies
    • Market Research
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Distribution Management
    • Operations & Customer Service
    • Product Sourcing


  • Brett Tarnet
    Brett Tarnet Insurance Services

  • Global Business Skills

    • International Finance
    • Trade Finance Options
    • Credit Analysis
    • Multilingual
    • Lender training and advisement on issues pertaining to credit insured Accounts Receivable
    • ExIm and private insurance


  • Rafael Patino
    U.S. Department of Commerce
    Commercial Officer

  • Global Business Skills:

    • Export Market Research
    • Export Licensing (BIS/ DOS)
    • Export Finance
    • Export Counseling

    International Marketing:

    • Identifying appropriate markets for products/ services
    • Overseas import regulations and Tariffs